OlgaDelice name appeared in 2010, but the real appearance of the name can be traced to 2014, when it was found the style and nature of the work became fully reflect the brand idea.

Bride OlgaDelice - sensual, feminine, real! She knows herself, her own style and loves the beauty in the details. Creating adornments, want to convey the purity and naturalness of the image of a bride without pretentiousness and excessive shine, to show the elegance and grace, restraint and endless romance.

Now my catalog presents a wide variety of adornments: hair vines, hair combs, earrings, bracelets, and, with great pleasure, I am making belts, garters and other accessories. All materials are carefully selected, for decorating all in harmony and have only good quality.

I love my work, invest in it a part of myself, and with trepidation treat to each curl, to each stitch. And I'm really glad that I can help the bride feel particularly compelling in this happy day for her! Her style, her sense of beauty, sense of herself - everything should be reflected in her image. And exactly like this she will remember herself for all life. Every bride is very special, and I'm always with great anticipation and interest in a hurry to take up a new job, which will emphasize the individuality of this particular girl.

Femininity, sensuality and natural beauty of the bride image became my guiding light. And I can not look for inspiration - it is all around, it is in each of you!