Bespoke requests

You know firsthand how difficult to find the dream dress, which will emphasize all your femininity and elegance. Searching accessories may be no less challenging. Bespoke will help you to accurately reflect your style and complement the image of wedding.


It is something more than just the manufacturing process. The beauty of handmade means you can involved in the design process. And from the first discussion, you gradually fall in love with your adornment and look forward to the final result, because it is made just for you, under your dress and hairstyle. Each piece, made by hand, tells a beautiful story. And this story has not such a sense if it is bought in the mass production market, if this decoration "for all" and made without love.

Your style - that's how you feel, how you see yourself and the world. This can be an easy romantic or bohemian luxury, vintage or classic, but you know that your style is the best and it is surely good for you like no other. And do not give it up, even if in the beginning it seems that there is nothing you can find.

I'm very pleased to make adornment of your dream. What do you need to do and where should start?

How to make order

In the begining, I suggest flipping pictures and inspired the image and details to understand what exactly close for you and what is able to more fully reflect your personality and your mood of this day. And then I'll look forward to your letter in which I ask:

- The date of your celebration;

- Send a photo of your dress and decoration. It is important to see the color of the dress and its decoration (especially embroidery, if there is one), so I could pick up as closely as possible materials for your jewelry;

- Send a photo of the desired hairstyle, or even better your photos after the wedding rehearsal;

- Add your suggestions for the style of decoration, size and shape and other details that you think seem to be particularly important. After that, we can work to create something very beautiful and it is only yours. In the process, I send you a photo and we will correct the details. Send me an email requesting a bespoke or a personal message FB.

P.S. I can not wait to see what kind of image will be yours)